Lil Louis & The Party - Clap Your Hands (Monfresh Edit)

This brand new edit of a classic House track combines the "Tambourine Mix" and "Man Of Soul Mix" (co-produced by Frankie Feliciano) of " Clap Your Hands" by Lil' Louis & The Party.  Both mixes contain a break with just claps, providing a perfect splicing point.

The idea to combine both mixes first came to me during a  live set at club Red in DC with Doug Smith (95 North) in 2003. I liked it so much that I featured it in one of the  most popular mixes on my site.

On Saturday night, I decided to revive the mix and make an official edit out of it. I ended up making 2 versions. This is the short version that starts off with the "Tambourine Mix", then goes into the "Man Of Soul Mix" at the break, then goes back to the beginning of the "Man Of Soul Mix" and ends at the break with 16 bars of claps. As for the long version, instead of ending at the break, it continues as the "Man Of Soul Mix" normally would, but with much of the repetitiveness truncated.