Monfresh Sessions #107

Live on Handz On Radio September 6, 2008

Les Go "Dan Gna" (Sacred Rhythm Vokal Journey) Spiritual Life Music

Desiya "Comin' On Strong" (Spagatini Mix) Black Market / Mute

Osunlade "Momma's Groove" (Jimpster Slipped Disc Mix) Strictly Rhythm

Dennis Ferrer feat. Jehlaz "Jehlaz" Ibadan

John Beltran "Felicidad Nova" (Jimpster remix) Ubiquity

Louie Vega & Jay 'Sinister' Sealee starring Julie McKnight "Diamond Life" (Richard Earnshaw Remix / Acapella) Bargrooves / Distance

T2 feat. Robin S. "You Got The Love" (Curtis & Moore Vocal Club Mix) Champion

Dale Anderson "No Idea" Urbantorque (from the "Double Deuce EP")

Marlon D & Charles Spencer "The Dancer" (Acapella) Loveslap

Bjork "Simple Pleasures" (Vocal) White

Greg Gauthier & Tony L feat. Michelle Weeks "Movin On" (Jericho Remix) Kif

Kentphonik feat. Khensy "Hiya Kaya" (Rocco Deep Mix) Stalwart

Fabrice Lig "Meli-Maalox" Playhouse (from the "Deep Inside EP")

Glenn Underground "Contraversy" Moods & Grooves (from the "Back To The Basic EP (Part 2)")

Cevin Fisher & Jason Jinx "The Way We Used To" (Jason's Psychic Chick Remix) Maxi Records

Josh The Funky 1 "It's The Music" (Treitl Hammond Remix) Funktion

Lem feat. Lea Lorien "One Day" Vega Records (I'm assuming Lem = Lem Springsteen from Mood II Swing)

Urban Soul Collective "Dance" SI Project (from the "Please Yo' Self" album)

Wall Of Sound feat. Gerald Lethan "Critical (If You Only Knew)" (Club Mix) Eightball

The Deal "Obrigado" Rhythmix (from the "Trip Do Brasil 2 - EP 4")

Cerrone feat. Jocelyn Brown "Hooked On You" (Dimitri From Paris’ Old School Of Disco Remix) Purple Music