Monfresh Sessions #89 - Tribute to Sonar Kollektiv

Live on Handz On Radio April 12, 2008

Special show featuring an excellent record label from Germany: Sonar Kollektiv


Clara Hill "Here" (Original)

Daniel Magg "O-Bah" (Slope Remix pt. 1 2006 Vocal Version)

Sir Eddie Real And The Realistics "Where's The Monkey?"

Ame "Rej"

Anthony Nicholson presents Miquifaye "Voodoo" (Aaaah Get Gown)

Meitz "(Mayibuye i) Africa" (Dixon's Alternative Version)

ISoul8 feat. Osunlade, Rasiyah & Just One "Speak Your Word"

Ame "Life Changes"

Status IV "You Ain't Really Down!" (Jazzanova's Hey Baby Remix)

Clyde & Capitol A "Serve It Up" (Starship Remix)

Wahoo "Holding You" (Ame Remix)

Franck Roger "Back and Forth" (Main Mix)

Future Beat Investigators "All I Want" (from "Discomedusa" (Member Of The Trick 06))

Markus Enochson feat. Masaya "For You To See" (Original)

Georg Levin "In Your Car" (Dj Spinna Vocal Remix)

Jazzanova "Let Your Heart Be Free" (Original)

Georg Levin feat. Clara Hill "(I Got) Somebody New" (Original Mix)

Slope "Trust The Universe" (Atjazz Floor Dub)

Nu Spirit Helsinki "Seis Por Ocho" (Azymuth-Live!-Rejam)

Feindrehstar "Dancetrack" (Original Mix)